Skull Productions formed in January 2014 to implement innovative ideas in Event Planning / Organizing.

The first company’s event took place in November 2014 at Gazi Music Hall, with Martin Garrix, the #1 DJ for the first time in Athens. and attracted more than 5.000 people.

In June 2015, Skull’s biggest project, the Colour Day Festival, attracted over 32,000 people and filled the OAKA stadium with colour and music.

Until today, it is the biggest festival in Greece with a number of well-known artists and DJs and the support of international brands.

It was followed by Athens Golden Eve, a unique night, with over 40 Greek and foreign artists at the Intercontinental Hotel on New Year’s Eve in 2016.

In April of the same year, Be the One contest, a pioneering effort to show off new DJs and start their career, is being hosted for the first time in Greece.

In June 2016, the Colour Day Festival returned better than ever, bringing more than 40.000 colorful fans to it!

The next project of Skull Productions came … running!
Colour Day Run is the most colourful 5 km race that took place in April 2017 at OAKA, where more than 5.000 runners were painted in Colour Day colours.

On June 17, 2017, the third Colour Day Festival was held at the Olympic Stadium, continuing with the colourful success of previous years.

Along with the festival in 2017, an innovative project for the company was launched in cooperation with the National Bank of Greece and VISA. Payband was the first to operate in Europe, both as a ticket for the event and as a prepaid card for intact transactions during and after the festival. So, Colour Day Festival recorded one more success – it became the first cashless festival in the world!

In 2018 Color Day Festival became a two-day event with the 1st day (June 30th) dedicated to colour and 2nd day (July 1st) to coloured water. The festival gathered 52,000 colourdayers breaking down breaking down any previous record.

In September 2018, Colour Day Run was held for the second time, this time at “The Ranch”, bringing hundreds of people not only closer to sports but also to nature.

In 2019 Colour Day Festival took place on June 29 & 30, with the first day being dedicated to colour and the second to coloured foam. From the renewed stage passed huge names of the Greek and world music scene, while the show was enjoyed by more than 46,000 spectators.

The unique moments we lived will be engraved forever because Colour Day Festival 2019 was filmed and aired on SKAI tv channel.

Running such a successful track in such a short time, Skull’s future is bright and full of innovations.